10 ways to help people who aren't asking for help

How can we help people without hurting their feelings? What do we do if a friend is making wrong choices but they’re not asking for our help? This is a big dilemma for many of us as we try out best to be a good Christian but see our friends fall back into wrong lifestyles and bad decisions. How can we help them, truly. 10 ways to help people.

1.  Pray for them.

2.  Love them.

3.  Help them if they ask for it (unsolicited advice is never a good thing).

4.  Encourage them (don’t get too discouraged wanting more from them).

5.  Hope for the best.

6.  Trust God (God has a way of going after people when we feel like nothing good is happening).

7.  Don’t give up (stay faithful to the relationship).

8.  Speak life (not death).

9.  Don’t gossip (be a mature Christian).

10. Pull the plank out of your own eye before you pull the speck out of their eye (Matthew 7:5).

Leanna Wisniewski