FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out.

Have you been in this situation before? Seems like everyone was at an event or hang out and you were busy doing something worthless. Ha. I personally don’t like that feeling especially when it could have been avoided. Like for some reason, I chose to do my homework instead of go to the park with my friends. What was I thinking?

I’ve also missed other events that I wished I wouldn’t have missed. I can recall a time when I just didn’t feel like going to a church conference because I was feeling tired and lazy. All my friends went, I stayed home. They had an amazing time and my only excuse was laziness.

Men, don’t miss out this weekend of our men’s conference. Serious FOMO if you do. See you Friday at 6pm. Register for $20 at

This men’s conference is going to be amazing!

-P. Lucas

Lucas Forsthoff