Is the sap flowing

It’s spring the weather is changing, new things are happening, trees are starting to grow again and we all just moved our clocks forward. But maybe your life still feels like winter, dormant, cold, no visible growth. 

What do you do? How do you spring forward in your walk with the Lord? 

Let’s take page form the maple tree’s book. All winter it’s been storing up nutrients in its roots. But as the sun begins to shine and the temperature begins to rise. That nutrients in the form of sap leaps up into the trunk and then to every branch of the tree causing leafs and new fruit to burst forth. 

But how do you get the Spiritual sap (the word and power of the Holy Spirit) flowing in your life? 

First you get around other believers who want the same thing. Join a community. Second you put yourself in an atmosphere where fruit and leafs are needed. Serve in the local church. If it was always winter a tree would never have to bear fruit or produce leafs. So join a community of believers and start to serve at church and watch the leafs begin to grow. 

Aaron Malmquist