Spring, the moment I hear that word my mind goes to images of flowers blooming, new grass springing up and a fawn sleeping in a beautiful meadow. But the truth is that before any of that happens there is a season that I call mud.  Mud is slimy, dirty and it gets on everything that it touches. 

But you know before you can have flowers and deer eating in a beautiful meadow. You have to go through a season of mud.  If we’re honest sometimes our lives look more like a mud pit than a meadow. So we try to capture the one small blade of grass and post it on instagram with something like #blessed #lifewithJesus. Or if we’re “super transparent” something like,  “going through a little rough patch right now”. 

But I want you to know that God causes the mud because He  knows that to have the most beautiful meadow you need to go through the mud first. And just like the sun comes up and drys the mud and causes the grass to grow. So the Son of God will dry up your tears and causes new growth to come from our mud. 

Aaron Malmquist