New Shoots

As we move into spring and as it gets warmer outside, I couldn’t help but notice the new shoots and flowers piercing up through the ground, fully in the sun, bright green and full of promise. At one point the plant was dead but now is alive. No one planted it last year nor the year before that, perhaps not even for years. But every year it grows.

For some of us, perhaps we have felt dead on the inside for a season, maybe even for several years. The feeling like nothing will change, joy is withheld and hope is non-existent. But I believe that there can be new hope, hope like that of a plant called “the resurrection plant.” This plant can be dead for years, but as soon as water is applied to it, it will quickly sprout and have new life once again.

I am reminded that as soon as I surrender to God’s direction for me, I can come fully alive, regardless of the long winter season in my life. God has new hope in store for you, hope that will not be deferred. Hope that will turn your dry leaves to new green shoots, full of promise and purpose once again.

evan barriger