Celebrating Jesus all the time

So this weekend is Easter. Your probably going to be spending time with family, hopefully going to Easter church service, maybe an egg hunt maybe a big ham on the table. But we all know that Easter is not all about large bunnies giving out chicken eggs(can someone please explain that to me?). The truth is we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and that is worthy of celebrating! 

As we go to church this Sunday it will be easy to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection but  what  about Easter dinner. I’m talking about the part after the prayer is said when your sitting next to your unsaved cousin who somehow in the process of asking to pass the potatoes swore three times. Do we still celebrate Jesus? 

Here’s some tip on how we can celebrate Jesus no matter the situation 

  1. Pray about it first 

  2. Talk about it all the time 

  3. Remember the reason they are not celebrating is they have not been changed by the love of Jesus. 

  4. Remember you may be the only way they encounter Gods love this Easter

Aaron Malmquist