How To Handle Discouragement

I was reading my Bible the other day in 2 Chronicles and in a matter of only 2 chapters they skimmed over 30 years of King Asa’s reign. That’s a lot of years to only write 2 lonely chapters. 30 years of this man’s life were quickly spoken about in just 2 chapters. Seems like he got the short end of the stick. For some reason, Ezra (the author of 2 Chronicles), doesn’t find it necessary or important to talk about the gritty details and nuances of this man Asa’s life. Doesn’t this man deserve more?

Think about 30 years of your life. What if an author quickly skimmed over your life as if it meant nothing. All your sleepless nights of worrying and your big victories were never mentioned, people didn’t get to know the real you, people didn’t get to experience the high and lows of your life. You’d feel discouraged.

Got me thinking about my life. Do people know the real me? Do my friends really know who I am? I believe one of the ways to ward off discouragement is to let people into the story of your life, let them see the high and lows. When people know the real you and still love you, that’s love.

Jesus knows the real you and loves you. Jesus created you and is delighted in you. These thoughts of Jesus’ love for me encourage me and strengthen me. When my friends know me and yet still love me, that encourages me.

Please make sure Jesus knows the real you today.

-P. Lucas

Lucas Forsthoff