Untapped Potential

In the early 1800’s a man bought a piece of property in Pennsylvania so that he could farm and raise his dairy cows. He bought the land for really cheap because the previous farmer couldn’t get his cows to drink the water from the river that ran on the property. He was now excited to start his journey as a farmer and on a piece of property that cost him so little. Quickly, the new owner found that his cows wouldn’t drink the water either and not only that, the land was stinky. He found himself so frustrated and fed up with the land that he put the property up for sale for a cheap price. A new farmer came along seeing the cheap cost of a fabulous looking piece of land and bought the farm right away. He too could smell the stinky land and also noticed with river was black. This third farmer called an environmentalist to take samples of the soil to find out exactly what was wrong with the land. Well, the results came back and apparently they were standing on one of the richest oil deposits in U.S. history. There was oil in the ground and it was so close to the surface, it was affecting the soil and the river water.

The new farmer had now found a source of income that was going to change his life. He was standing on an untapped resource. The farmer had to change his perspective and get a little creative to find a way to solve his problems, but now he was rich. What was once a problem for him now became a resource for success.

Our life is very similar. We are standing on problems and those problems are your untapped potential. The creativity and change of perspective involved to solve your problems are the resources that will supply your life.

Keep at it, keep going, stay creative.

-P. Lucas

Lucas Forsthoff