Love and Tolerance?

In our world today we all seem so connected yet we are so divided. Our society seems to scream tolerance for all yet so often it seems there is failure to practice what is preached. 


The church should be the most diverse group of people on the face of the earth. With people for every tribe and tongue, political view and back ground. Yet when the world needs someone to blame for a divided nation they often blame the church and Christians. 


Jesus challenged the religious leaders of His day because He came to fulfill the law not just to follow it. They blamed Him for division and uprisings, yet he never discriminated against any one people group but came to bring love and truth, and hope for all mankind. 


Jesus taught love and truth, and he practiced what He preached, showing unconditional love yet speaking the truth even when it hurt. What do you preach and what do you practice?

Leanna Wisniewski