I'm single, do I have to go to church and hear the marriage messages?

It’s February, and you know what that means, love!!!!!

Love is in the air folks but what if you’re left out? What if February 14th is coming and you don’t have a date? What about all those messages at church about marriage and you’re not close to getting married? What do you do?

If you’re single, then be content with being single. There are great things to accomplish while being single. Get your degree, make great friends, find a job, learn a new hobby.

What about all those marriage messages at church? Try your hardest to learn as much as you can now to become a good husband or wife one day. Soak in all those marriage messages so that you can have a great marriage one day. Learn as much as you can today so that you can be great one day.

Being single is not a wasted season of your life.

Leanna Wisniewski